Monday, January 22, 2007

How Was YOUR Weekend?

You know something of my weekend based on my last post, but what you don't know is I watched the first 8 episodes of the Canadian drama INTELLIGENCE, which I thought was good. It wasn't appointment television - yet - but it was worth a look.

Sunday I went and had a massage at the market, and after that went to the local beanery for some coffee and work.

Then I came back here to the mad pulp pad and watched the first four parts of the BBC Television serial QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (which was later remade as the feature film FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH). The BBC serial is in six parts (all online) and are in stunning black & white. I watched it as part of my research in creating my own six-pack series for television, but found myself really liking Nigel Kneale's characters and story which went far beyond its low budget trappings.

It also had me thinking: When did the Scientist-hero go out of fashion?

Used to be we trusted science and rational thought - or at least the process. When did we start turning our back on it? Have we? (We do after all have the CSI franchise to reinforce the idea that science and facts, not feelings, determine the outcome of a case).

Enough musing. Back to BTC.


Unknown said...

Hey, I did exactly the same, re: Intellegence. Found myself liking it a lot, even if many of the characters are rather one-note.

Unknown said...

Doh! Spelling!

Cunningham said...

I found myself wanting it to be more thrilling than it was...


For example, when the "mole" is killed and the men come to collect the body, it all went off without a hitch. I would have liked to see the agents in the building doing surveillance almost be discovered by the "cleaners." It could have used some intercutting and split screens as well to show all the aspects of this particular "op."

We have a particular world here where Mary is trying to set up a true, secure, effective agency and Jimmy is trying to set up everyone so he gets the whole pie. Same for Ted, Matt Frewer's character...


It's a softer, gentler version of SPOOKS and 24, which goes against my particular grain when it comes
to this genre. There's a lot to recommend here though so I don't want folks to NOT watch.

ME said...

Intelligence gets better ... we have one episode left to go,which airs next week and last week's was a doozey!

As for scientist as hero, would you count the mathematician dude in Numbers? Or Dr. Brennan from Bones?

I think we need an updated MacGyver.

My weekend was ok. Highlight, in keeping with new year's resolution to entertain more, had five people over for lunch Sunday and blew them away with a tasty yet exciting vegetarian meal. Rachael Ray, I'm coming for ya.