Monday, January 08, 2007

I've Said It Before...

In this post no less, but let me say it again.

Your DVDP movie story and script has to be of quality so it can be realized on film. It has to be a great tale told well.

That's how you get hired to write again.

That's how you build a career.

That's how you make yourself into a brand the way Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carpenter and Robert Rodriguez did. They did it by writing ripping yarns. (And then Carpenter and Rodriguez went out and filmed theirs while Burroughs licensed his tales to (silent) films, comic strips, television, serials, and many features).

That's how you win.

There's a lot of ways a movie can turn out crappy. What I would suggest you do is peruse the archives over at Sex-in-a-Sub. Bill has a few stories there about how some of his scripts got mangled in the process.

Or read John Rogers' tales of Catwoman. Same process more money.

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