Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend Update pt. 24,563

Work has been hellish these past few weeks as I now have deadlines for marketing campaigns on 4 new movies starring: Julie Warner, Sebastian Spence, Haylie Duff, Lou Diamond Phillips, James Van der Beek and Ving Rhames (Yes, I am a C-list name-dropper). On top of that I'm art directing / repositioning a bunch of catalog titles for the upcoming HK Film Mart.

I'm working on a short...details to follow after it's done.

I've had some progress rewriting The Skull (again!). What do you think of a retitle:
The Man Called Death or They Call Him Death ? Or even They Call Me Deth (misspelling intentional)?

(Edit: I think it will be They Call Me Death, which has a Voice Over/Film Noir quality to it that I'm looking for...)

I've been writing up a ton of one or two page pitch docs to narrow down what I really want to write for some spec tv pilots I have planned. Mostly for stuff that fits into the mini-series or event programming category, but a couple of long term series templates too. I've never written for television before and I feel the need to stretch my muscles. My portfolio of material is a little lean right now too, so it's all good. One of the pitches has the word Suicide in the title and will never make mainstream television or even cable for that matter. Too bloody. Too violent. Too...transgressive (Act two features someone beaten to death with their own severed limb). Oh, and it's a comedy...

Is there something wrong with me that I want to write that one the most?

Artwork is proceeding on Sex Machine with the new release date being May. I've told the art staff at the distributor to take a clue from Grindhouse and impress the hell out of me. (I am a harsh taskmaster when it comes to key art). I'm slowly arranging a campaign for my second pulp title to roll out this year (a comedy that would make Ed Wood proud).

And on top of all that (and more I'm not even mentioning!), an interesting 4GM opportunity came my way the other day during a meeting, and I'm trying to make it work (meaning Mr. Bill has to get paid).

Now if only I had a personal life.


Emily Blake said...

Maybe it's my English teacheriness, but I have a general rule that if you have to explain to everybody that your mispelling was intentional then you shouldn't misspell it.

James Vanderbeek has a large forehead. One of my friends used to be an occasional stand in for him on Dawson's Creek.

Kevin said...

The 'Deth' one makes me think of another Trancers sequel.

DecoderRing said...

Oooooh... Yeah. Emily's hit the nail on the head. (the mispelling...not the forehead. Well, the forehead too, but... I'm gonna start this over...)

Emily's right about the mispelling. That would come up again and again... and never really in a good way...

But "The Man Called Death" is classy as hell. That's one of those great titles that has a good solid ring to it but could still mean just about anything.

Eleanor said...

The Man Called Death sounds like a bad western to me.
I like The Skull. Short, snappy, and more evocative than The Crow. ;) Why not stick with it?