Thursday, February 01, 2007

Your Digital Toolkit

We've been talking about the DiY movement in distribution, but it doesn't do anyone ANY good if you can't get your hands on the tools. Shtove posted in the last thread that there's a lot of free software online...
So I want your recommendations on what's good, what's bad and what's okay (but could use a shot in the code). There are some criteria though:

1. It has to be free software. Not just a demo available for 30 days.
2. It has to be software you can use for screenwriting, scheduling, budgeting, storyboards (especially figure poses), photo edits, editing, sound design, etc...anything you use to make movies or media.
3. You have to provide a link to the software's webpage.
4. If there are any links to online media where we can see the software in action (i.e. X movie was edited with free Y software) that would be a plus.
5. If you're reading this right now and you have a blog, please link to what we're doing so the word will spread. We want to find those hidden gems.
6. If you represent a software company that has a program that's free and might be applicable to the motion picture industry then by all means - this is your opportunity to hawk your (share)wares.
7. Let's open this up even further - if you have a free service for pulp filmmakers, then speak up.

Now let's get this party started...


Aric Blue said...

As for #7, Yahoo has some groups you can join--one of the more helpful is the Film Budget group--they have a ton of sample film budgets and more that you can download here:

I can't remember how I joined, but their email is:

Roger Alford said...

Haven't tried this myself, but saw it mentioned on another site somewhere. It's called Celtx, and is for screenwriting, production, and some other stuff. The site also has a collection of Flash demos.