Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hump Day...

Humping along with a lot of marketing work this week and not alot of writing... I frikkin' hate that and myself. I've always had a shoulder-to-the-wheel mindset, but haven't exercised my writing muscles since I got back from SC. It's one of those things where you know you have to make a change to accomplish your goals.
So I'm pulling out the calendar and setting up some writing deadlines:
- Have my comics proposals (2) done by June - awhile before San Diego.
- Write the third draft of my short this week. Then get to work on my storyboards.
(Oh, by the way Alex and Bill - I'm keeping it to less than five minutes, shooting on a borrowed DVX -100, and shooting widescreen even though it will only be seen on the net. I am also financing it myself so I won't have anyone to blame but me if it goes to hell...To ensure it doesn't go to hell I won't be acting in it)
- Have my TV spec done by the Thanksgiving.
- Finish my short story for Tales of the Shadowmen vol. 4 by May.
- Finish the outline for a special project.
Now as far as accomplishments go there is this:

I'm not the writer (that's John Oak Dalton), and I'm not the director (that would be Christopher Sharpe), but I'm proud of what we've done to define this movie: an in-your-face design playing on action stereotypes, but with a twist. Modern pulp.

Mommy, why does that white man have a black man's hand? Why is he wearing those bandages?

The design is my initial concept beautifully realized by Firebrain Design, the company I work with to create the fun campaigns for Peace Arch.

The title will be brought to you in May by the fine folks at Anthem DVD. You'll be seeing more about the movie in an upcoming issue of Fangoria.

Not too shabby...but it ain't writing.


Aric Blue said...

Cool one-sheet, man. Definitely has that pulpy look to it. Hope it does well!

John Oak Dalton said...

Cool cover, Bill!