Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut is Dead...

and I don't feel too good myself. I have been attacked by the deadly flu and have been entombed here in the Mad Pulp Pad coughing up things last seen on a Star Trek episode.

The country is in turmoil. I empathize with all the students and faculty at VTU. Theories are being floated, and assumptions are being made. Fears are being accepted as fact.

That has to stop until all the facts come into play.

The experts haven't done a complete analysis of the facts, and that's what we need - the facts. We test our assumptions against the evidence. So let's question and not assume. This tragedy has many facets we aren't even aware of yet. After all the facts are in, only then can we go forward.

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Aric Blue said...

I was gonna do a blog, but am too lazy, but...does anyone else feel almost like the news stations are almost giddy when a major disaster happens?

If I hear it trumpeted one more time "the largest massacre in US history"...

Anyway, get better, Bill!