Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Are What You Grew Up With...

Many people ask me why I'm so interested in "pulp" or "exploitation" material - what made me that way...

(usually asked with head cocked to the side as if interrogating a serial killer)

My answer is the title of this post, and some examples of what made me the mad pulp bastard that I am today are below:


Order these DVDs today and you too can get those long looks from across the bar followed by those fateful words:
"We've identified the suspect. Move in!"


Grubber said...

God Bill,
(not implying you're a god, maybe just aspiring demi-god, but god used as an exclamation :) )

Birdman! Spaceghost!

What memories. Loved all those type of cartoons as kids.

I still say that due to what can be done with CGI nowadays, the one I want to see on the big screen is the Green Lantern.

Hope you are well.

Piers said...


Please, gods o'hollywood, not that.

Cunningham said...


(No wait, wrong movie...)

What's incredibly interesting to me anyway, about the SPACE GHOST and BIRDMAN shows were that they were each only eight minute segments. You would have to SG episodes sandwiched around a DINO BOY ep. for a total of 24 minutes of pure entertainment.

8 minutes of goodness is hard to do...but damn, if they didn't do it. I became interested in comics thanks to SG and the rest...

Grubber said...

Piers.......are you saying they were going to make a comedy of Green Lantern starring Jack Black?

Even caught with a smoking .50 cal, two bricks and the dead studio executive who thought that up, you should be allowed to go free.

That's up there with the Bewitched remake concept. Tell all the fans of the original series they were idiots...same with Dukes of Hazzard and S&H....sorry going sideways here.....my favourite remakes are the Bourne series. Take an old concept that is still a good one, add modern day technology and film-making techniques etc and bam, great movies. Tell the audience they were idiots for watching this shite and make fun of them, watch them stay away.

Bill I could not even remember they were only 8 minutes long but I do remember they never seemed long enough....that could explain it!

PS Bill the new photo confirms you golden god status....I can even see the glint off the top palette.

Christian Lindke said...

Are you going to be at the Grand Slam next weekend?