Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Filmmaker Finds His Way to the D2DVD Fold

Smokin' Joe Carnahan (BLOOD, GUTS BULLETS AND OCTANE; NARC; SMOKIN' ACES) talks about the D2DVD project he's doing:

"I think the only reason to ever do something that goes straight to DVD (which has this malodorous vibe for some reason) is that it gives you the ability to really push it. And I don't mean pushing the obvious sex/violence tandem but pushing CONTENT and doing things from a straight storytelling angle that they (the studio) would never allow in a 'mainstream' theatrical release.
That's what's exciting. Going out and sneaking up on an unsuspectingaudience and doing something smart and timely and somewhat radical in tone. I'm pumped. I wish I could be more specific. As the story and script begin to allign, perhaps I can be."

Welcome, Joe.

Edit to add: Oh, and apparently it's a prequel to the DVD hit SMOKIN' ACES.

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