Thursday, May 10, 2007

Okay Then, What Do I Do For An Encore?

SEX MACHINE is out in stores and I am busy promoting the heck out of it to retailers across the country who may not have picked up a copy. There's also international sales to consider as Cannes is coming up next week, and SM is a great little title that could sell in dozens of territories for DVD. Certainly enough to make back its budget.

So that leaves me with the question that is the title of this post - What's the next great little film that I can represent to distributors?

Now I have certain expectations about the films that I rep. They have to fit within my sensibility (pulpy) and be of sufficient quality (marketability) so I can put my magic to it and get them distribution. I've proven that I can take well made, independent genre movies and with the right marketing strategy get them in the hands of their intended audience. That was my job at York as their Director of Marketing and now that's my second (or is that third?) job as a freelance writer-producer-marketer. Now where's that next movie?

Fortunately, that decision was made for me when I saw a movie by writer-director Mike Kallio:


(let that title seep inside the subconscious)

Mike has an affection for the cheese. Okay, he is the full wheel of cheese - but hey, he's okay about it. He looks like a roadie for ZZ Top, but somebody recently trusted him to shoot all the behind-the-scenes footage for the upcoming Bruce Campbell movie THEY CALL ME BRUCE.

MSFM is Mike's love letter to Ed Wood written in blood red crayon. It's probably the same sort of love letter that Madonna or Sondra Bullock have recently received. You know the kind where it always ends up with some neighbor saying, "He was a quiet boy. Kept to himself."

This movie, made with blood, sweat and other vital fluids stars a bunch of unknowns, and one guy who went out and made himself famous for being a brother and dating Rene Zellwegger (okay, he did a little more than that, but not much). See if you can find him in this trailer.
So yes, I'm repping a funny scifi movie with a legitimate star in it. Will wonders never cease. All rights to this movie are currently available and on the market.


wcdixon said...

Is it Kong's brother Kongo?

(Ah, lucky Zellwegger)

Bill Cunningham said...

Nope, but that relationship might have lasted longer than her last one...

No - our "star" is a zebra of a different stripe...

Next guess?

Roger Alford said...

Jack White of the White Stripes. Looked it up on the IMDb.

Jonathan Walter said...

This movie looks like another triumph. I wanna see it!!