Monday, May 07, 2007

Twisted Things are Happening...Now!

Variety announced Sunday that the folks behind the wonderful family film SAW have struck a deal with website to release a feature film THE INTERNET KILLER in the United States in serial form.

Break, which primarily hosts user-generated videos aimed at young men, plans to significantly increase its video quality in order to stream a feature film properly. "Internet Killer" will be featured on Break's own Web site and syndicated with the netco's branding.
"We're big believers in distributed content, but we're also extraordinarily well positioned to launch a series of videos online to young men," said CEO Keith Richman. "Advertisers really like this stuff and the bet is we can bring in bigger brands with content like this."
Though other independent features have debuted online in their entirety before, "Internet Killer" will be the first to stream as a series of Webisodes. It will represent a unique challenge to keep each individual scene interesting to watch on its own. Richman added that making the first few Webisodes compelling will be particularly important in order to convince 'Net surfers to watch future installments.


So what does this mean for us pulpsters?

Well, it means that money makers are expanding their brand in every direction possible. If there isn't one already, there's bound to be a SAW comic soon.

It also means that suddenly, you don't have just two outlets (Theatrical, DVD) for your movies and television. Nor do you have just one format either - you can set up shop on the net in feature or serial form. It means opportunity. It means an expansion of the market place.

Now that's twisted...

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