Friday, May 11, 2007

Wolfman's Got Nards!

So I'm cruising around the blogosphere and find that one of my favorite movies of ALL FREAKIN' TIME is finally coming to DVD in a two disc set. I am tearing up here as I read all the coolness that is going into this set. I love this movie so much I went out and bought the script. I also have the lobbycard set (back when they were just phasing out lobbycards) that are cool beyond words. This goes on the pre-buy list.
(Huge hat tip and high five to DVD Trash for making my day)

EDIT TO ADD: Suited types who read me - this movie would make a great DVD Premiere it.


Eleanor said...

It's available to buy? Yay!

Good Dog said...

Excellent news. Even better, the film is on channel Five over in the UK right this minute. Haven't seen it for years, and it's still as brilliant as I remember.

"See you later band-aid breath!"

Christopher Sharpe said...

This is great news and they've done a killer job on the cover. I was lucky enough to see a screening of it last summer with Fred Dekker and some of the cast in attendance. I hadn't seen the movie in years, but it held up even better than I thought it would. Even though I'm cutting back on DVD purchases, I will definitely be buying this one.

And you're right, it would make an excellent D2DVD series.

John said...

This disc is right up there with Lovejoy for me. Can not wait at all.