Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble...

I thought it was high time we had another Q&A session here at DISContent. Think of it as bar talk without the beer, unless you bring your own.

This Friday, I will open up the blog to questions that you've been dying to ask:

Writing (Screen, short story, articles, marketing copy/taglines, PR)
Pulp Filmmaking
Movie Marketing and Design
Distribution / Representing movies
New Media
Los Angeles
The future of entertainment
TV Shows
Other stuff I like.

I am an equal opportunity advice-giver and venom-spewer, and what I don't know I can find out quickly. This is your chance to find out what goes on in my rapidly-aging yet still child-like cranium. We can shoot the shit, we can gossip, we can workshop and we can speculate.

Anything in this topic range is fair game.

You have a logline and title you want to test?
You want to know the possible outlets for your "Zombie love affair in drag" epic?
You want to know why so many movies fail?
You want to know the future of DVD?

Then go for it.

Starting Friday, June 8th, 2007 at 8AM PST (11AM East coast) until 8PM PST I will -- answer all your questions, consult with you, and give you the straight poop. All the lessons I've learned from the trenches are yours to mull over. Hell, for drama's sake I will debate (notice I didn't say argue) with you. No harm, no foul. Nothing personal about it at all.

I warn you now that you may not like my answers, but thems the breaks.

For you lurkers out there, and from my stats I see there are quite a few of you, this is your opportunity to get involved, to contribute and to make yourself known.

I will see you Friday...


Roger Alford said...

Thanks, Bill. I always enjoy the Q&As. I could use some help with a logline. As usual, this is proving to be much more difficult to write than the script.

Gangland Hollywood
In 1940s Los Angeles, mobster Mickey Cohen struggles to take over the Hollywood rackets and ignites a bloody -- and bizarre -- gang war with the Italian Mob.

This is based on the true story of the Mickey Mouse Mafia and the Battle of the Sunset Strip. Here's the basics:

Act I. Chicago, 1931. Mickey meets Al Capone and wants to be just like him (power and respect). Cut to Los Angeles, 1947. Bugsy Siegel is gunned down and right-hand man Mickey takes over and expands. This pisses off fellow mobsters Jack Dragna and Jimmy the Weasel Fratianno, who don't like Jews in the Mob. They plot to kill Mickey.

Act II. Mickey ingratiates himself in Hollywood by doing favors for Sinatra, Judy Garland, Martin and Lewis, and even a little old lady. Dragna and Fratianno try to kill Mickey six times, but he always survives due to dumb luck. Mickey doesn't retaliate much because at first he doesn't know who's trying to take him out, but also because he doesn't want to lose his standing in the Hollywood. Or the PR battle like Capone did.

Act III. Mickey battles the LAPD in court trial after court trial, with a few successes. But the FBI and the IRS want his head. Plus, the bodies keep piling up as Dragna and Fratianno take out Mickey's boys (and even his lawyer). Mickey ends up convicted of tax evasion, just like Capone.

It's a fascinating story that would be unbelievable if it weren't true. Dragna's inability to kill Mickey earned the LA Mob the nickname "Mickey Mouse Mafia." Time-wise, this fits right between Bugsy and LA Confidential. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Bill Cunningham said...

Friday Roger, friday...

Roger Alford said...

Oops! wasn't thinking!