Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Friday You Say?! Hmmmmm.....

Content Agenda reports that many new fall pilots have been leaked online and were available online Friday via torrent sites...

Gee...I guess that's why I was able to watch SARAH CONNOR, CHUCK and BIONIC WOMAN on Wednesday.

These guys will never catch up, especially when people within their own organizations "leak" these things onto the web. I shake my head at these statements masquerading as news, because it's in their best interest to get these pilots out into the public eye as soon as possible.

But, Bill that means people will be able to see the pilots early!

Yes. This is not a bad thing.

See when people give you their informed opinion on what they like and don't - early in the process - you are able to more easily make changes (if you want). I'm not saying that you should revamp from the ground up at the drop of an opinion, what I'm saying is that gaging the interests of your audience in your characters and stories is a step ahead.

I think in the not-so-distant-future all networks are going to put their pilots up for viewer consideration. People are going to vote and networks will find out what the audience wants to see, and who those people are that are watching. Networks can then figure out how better to use marketing to reach those folks.

You'll also get a much wider sample from which to make decisions.

The most positive thing about this is that if you capture a fan early, they will be more loyal to your franchise.

So networks, shut up and realize that you're getting precious marketing info from your audience. Use it. I understand from Shawna on last night's Geekerati podcast (see player at right sidebar) that the audience wasn't too receptive to the new BIONIC WOMAN at Comic Con. I hope they take it to heart and rethink some of the story assumptions they've made.


Roger Alford said...

Right on the money, Bill. When I heard that the networks were showing these pilots at Comic Con, my first question was: "Why aren't these available as free downloads on iTunes?"

Dante Kleinberg said...

Who has time to go looking online for early leaks of TV pilots? I don't understand this. I mean I do a lot of things that even I would consider a waste of time... but considering TV shows are free anyway... why steal 'em?