Saturday, July 07, 2007

I am Drunk...

and filled to the brim with margaritas and fajitas (courtesy El Conquistador on Sunset Junction). I have spent most of the day moving with Firebrain Inc. into our new, industrial strength offices. I say that with a wink as we are now perched in an industrial, heavy-machinery neighborhood in Los Angeles. Big trucks, semi-trailers and stakebeds roll by as we moved our boxes of design genius into the new headquarters.

I have to laugh as I type this because there was also a local ice cream truck that came by the office - bell ringing and music playing. It instantly reminded me of my childhood when the local ice cream truck driver wasn't a pedophile; when you could trust your neighbors; and whenever you did something wrong and were chastised for it by a neighbor, you would definitely get it worse when you got home because there would be a phone message waiting, telling your parents what trouble you got into.

It's a good fit.

And being in a new office means I can invite various members of the industry over for coffee to chat about how things are going and how we can help one another. God - isn't that why lunch and coffee was invented?

Being in a new office also allows for renewal of some sort - whether physical, mental or spiritual. I have paperwork there - safe and sound - and not scattered around the floor of the mad pulp pad. Gawd I can breathe!

I've also decided I'm going to start biking to work. Many of you know I take public transport whenever possible - not only because I hate driving in Los Angeles (gasp!) - but because I am able to get some work done in the process: Reading, writing, emailing, etc...
Now has come a time when I have the opportunity and the gumption to bike to work and get this size 4_ waist down to its original 34. I have pants inside the closet cheering me on, shouting, "we want to hug that tight ass again, you bastard! Get in shape!"

Okay, maybe that's the margaritas talking...

A fresh start is good. Even better with margaritas afterwards.

There's a lot going on right now that I can't speak about - but this new office and resources promises more mad pulp bastardry in your future. We have already landed a new client, and I have taken steps to implement a 4GM plan for several projects I've been working on. It feels good to be progressing toward independence and opportunity.

Okay. That's it.


Geoffrey said...

Looking for something interesting to read this summer?


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the bicycling. It's a lot of fun, as long as you stay aware of all the @$$#ole drivers in LA; or even worse, the people parked who open their doors without looking. I've been riding a bike to work for over three years in this town, and I've managed to avoid any moving vehicles (many close calls, though). But all it took was some guy opening his car door as I rode by, and the next thing I knew I was on the street bleeding and the proud possessor of two cracked ribs.

EditorJDC said...

"we want to hug that tight ass again, you bastard! Get in shape!"

I hope that is the drink talking.


Bill Cunningham said...

I sir, will have you know that my in-shape posterior has been the subject of several very vocal comments:

"Honey, can you hand me your wallet - I need to go shopping."

"What did you eat for lunch?! Whew!"

Fun Joel said...

Best of luck in the new digs, my automotively-challenged brother.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

You're even funnier when you're drunk, Bill. :-)

CAROLINE said...

There's nothing like a good margarita-fuelled rant, especially about your butt.

Glad that the future is looking so bright and positive. Can't wait to hear what's going on in your world and to see the fruits of the dastardly mad pulp bastard mind at work.

Good like with that biking thing.


Dante Kleinberg said...

I'm just learning how to ride a bike and thinking about using it more often. Though I'll have to get better control of my turns first, otherwise I'll swerve out into the street unexpectedly and for no apparent reason.

But enough about me.

Good luck! But be careful not to take orders from your clothes -- that's how you end up buying expensive wooden hangers and cartons of Febreze and etc.