Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Thought I'd Share...

Sitting here in the office and feeling pretty productive today. Even though we're still operating out of some boxes, I feel like some things are coming together.

I've been reading a ton of stuff in the evening - blogs, articles, papers, reports, strategies - all with the idea that it will be of some real use in this 4GM world in which we're living. It's starting to make sense - and by that I mean it's sparking ideas on how to recombine things into new forms.

That shit is always exciting - new business, new ways to tell stories - options.


I just finished some work for a client who was extremely appreciative:

Client: Boy Genius, this shit is fucking dope!
Boy Genius: Fucking? Dope? Is this still the eighties...?
Me: Thanks, man. I'll pass that along to the crew.

(Zeppelin is on the iPod so we take a moment....)


Amy Winehouse makes me feel her pain...does that mean she's good? (short answer - yes)


Go read Kung Fu Monkey today. Now. I'll wait...


I finally found the items I was going to send to Mark Askwith for winning the Hockey Pool. I feel like crap for not getting it to him sooner, but they were buried underneath a ton of marketing crap...

I'll have to send it to him right away with my apologies.


Worked out with weights last night while watching ON THE LOT. I don't know which is worse - the pain I feel today or the pain I felt last night... Is OTL cancer-causing? Certainly headache inducing....


Okay, back to work....the future waits for no bastard.

(Oooh, but let me listen to Wolfmother first)

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