Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Imbibe In The Spirits

I was recently sent a copy of the new comic from Ambrosia Publishing SMUGGLING SPIRITS. Written by Ben Fisher and drawn by Mike Henderson, SPIRITS is a story about a prohibition America plagued by creatures from the shadows. A bootlegger with a psychological condition that allows him to rationalize these weird creatures into his psyche. He sees them as rival bootleggers, gangsters or the cops. His young boy companion, an orphan, doesn't have this ability and sees these creatures as they really are - the work of evil.

The pair travel the countryside running booze for whoever wil pay while dodging the vicious demons that threaten the humans living in this prohibition landscape. You can read an interview with the creators here.

SPIRITS reminds me of a supernatural version of ROAD TO PERDITION. There's an undercurrent of the twisted to it all as well as the pair struggle to survive on the road and the boy struggles to hang onto his sanity in this stark, nightmarish world.

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