Wednesday, September 12, 2007

That's Zorro with a Z...

From our friends at Newsarama regarding Matt Wagner's new Zorro Comic series:

"With this newest interpretation of Zorro, I'm trying to tap into the character's original pulp roots. He really is the absolute precursor of such characters as Batman and the Shadow and modern readers will find a similar gravitas in our portrayal for El Zorro and his motivations. He's a black-clad avenger of the night, fighting an oppression that borders on fascism and he's dead serious about the sacrifice and the commitment that such a crusade involves. I'm really happy with the pace, spirit and flavor of this initial, origin storyline and I think Dynamite readers are in for a hell of a ride (on a fiery, ebony steed!). This ain't yer grandaddy's Zorro, amigos!"

Coming soon from Dynamite Entertainment, the folks who brought you The Lone Ranger.
***Edit to add: I'm sorry, but can we collectively put a moratorium on the whole Dark Knight Returns swiping?

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