Monday, October 01, 2007

Comics Are Universal...

And now even more so thanks to these forward-thinking people.

From the article:

Comics are more popular than ever, and interest in Japanese manga is soaring. International sales in 2005 (excluding Japan) stood at $245 million (approximately Yen 29 billion), a more than three-fold increase over 2001's $75 million, and manga accounted for over 60 percent of the market, generating sales of $145 million (approximately Yen 17 billion).(a) This is despite the fact that only a few titles are released in the overseas market, where sales are undercut by delays in getting titles to market--a month's delay is typical for paperbacks--and relatively high prices. "Manganovel" will end these problems and meet pent-up demand for an instant, low-cost service for manga. With cooperation from major comic publishers, "Manganovel" will make Japanese comics globally available and create an innovative mode of translation supported and driven by lovers of manga.

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