Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey! All You WGA Writers Out There...

Here's an article that may capture your interest, and give you something to think about while negotiations carry on...

Interestingly enough, the idea of creating a TV series for comics has been around for quite awhile now. Javier Grillo-Marxuach (LOST) created MIDDLEMAN awhile ago as a tv show, but couldn't get it off the ground. Then he created the comic book version, published some issues. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES was a simple B&W comic that sold 1200 issues in its first run.

Then the suits with their filthy monies came calling.

Now the worst thing that could happen for comics would be for writers to flood the market with TV ideas that are realized in the comic book format... terrible...horrifying...

Yeah, right.

Thing is, you could go here and set up a shingle. Talk to artists. Maybe even get some of the art department/design folk from Hollywood to work in print (or web) for a change. Stretch their creative muscles. Own a piece of the pie you both bake. Or you could set up a writer's room for a comic book TV series. Set it up the way it should be run - fairly.

The funny thing is that the original vision you had when you sat down to write, that crazy notion for a TV show or movie that no suit in a million years would ever pay to develop... ?

Well that original vision can be realized on paper or computer screen fairly quickly (quicker than TV anyway) and put out there for people to see and appreciate, share and yes, ultimately pay for... just like this (or any other way you can imagine). The old business model just isn't working anymore.

And before you think I'm completely full of it, reread the links. Your brethren are doing it already - taking control of an opportunity. See, things are changing... Best to learn and change now before you are obsolete and those opportunities pass you by.

Feel free to discuss.
Next time: we talk about D2DVD in this era of change.


rrh said...

The pacing of comics strikes me as different than an hour or half-hour series. The pamphlet-sized comics seem to hold about as much story as the 5-minute serials you get on Channel101.

Bill Cunningham said...

Have you read the BUFFY comics? I'm currently reading the Faith arc and I'm finding that one issue equals about a half hour of show (in my mind anyway).

In any case, yes - the format is different. However, I've always found that writing in a variety of formats informs my other work. If I write prose, it affects my screenwriting and so forth (ad copy, live events, scripts, comics, and fiddling with a radio play idea).

What you're talking about of course is "decompression" - stretching the story out and exploring more nuance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

I want to first thank you for creating your Blog- it's a fresh perspective from my other Blog go-to's. Then I want to state how cool it was to open up 6 links as I read THIS post- lots of fun. And now I'll check out the Tabs I've got laid out before me.

Will get back,