Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Style in Television

Well, Variety announces that Dick Wolf (head honcho behind the LAW & ORDER franchise and the reincarnation of Jack Webb) and director DJ Caruso are bringing Max Alan Collins' comic strip JOHNNY DYNAMITE to the small screen.

What is interesting is the fact that these guys are going to use the same green screen technology employed in SIN CITY, 300 and SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW...

but do it on a regular tv budget and schedule.
From the article:

If it snags a series order, the "Johnny Dynamite" project promises to be the first 100% greenscreen drama on network TV. Plan is to film the entire show on soundstages, much like "300."
Producers are looking to capture the very unique comicbook style of the "Dynamite" universe, which couldn't be done with traditional location shoots. Skein isn't expected to be any less expensive than a traditional show and, in fact, could be a bit more costly.

Two things:

1) Dick Wolf is notoriously cheap and will bring this show in on time and on budget.

2) This sort of project will push the tech down to the levels acccesible by the average filmmaker, but will achieve higher levels of production value and turnaround. Remember "What one man can do, another man can do cheaper."

Exactly the sort of thing we were talking about here.

Besides I think we've hit some pretty high levels of production value already. Imagine what will happen when the workflow is consolidated and streamlined...

We could actually have stylish looking pilots and series that don't break the budget. Gee, now wouldn't that be something?

Edit to add: Well, shucks, someone reminds me that this show has been doing it for awhile now.


rrh said...

Well, they said "On network television." Even ten years ago, the TV series Lexx spent about 1/3 of the show with screened in backgrounds.

rrh said...

But it probably will look better, nowadays.