Thursday, November 08, 2007

For Those Do-It-Yourselfers...

My boy James McKenney is getting ready to release AUTOMATONS.

As reported last week in Variety and at, AUTOMATONS, thesci-fi ScareFlick from Glass Eye Pix and MonsterPants Movies, comesto DVD this January 29, 2008, courtesy of the prestigious FacetsVideo label.

The DVD will include the one and only version of the criticallyacclaimed film starring Christine Spencer, Brenda Cooney and Angus Scrimm and directed by James Felix McKenney that played in festivalsand theaters. Also on the disc are over 80 minutes of Bonus Materials.

These Special Features include:

- DEATH TO THE AUTOMATONS: a 60-minute look behind the making ofAUTOMATONS

- A FEW MINUTES WITH ANGUS SCRIMM: A hilarious, unedited interview with the horror icon unlike any he's given before

- Camera and FX tests

- Original Theatrical Trailer

The AUTOMATONS DVD is available for pre-order from directly from the Facets catalog as well as through
"Automatons is an excellent homage to the movies of yesteryear, andwill be quite a thrill for anyone who misses those old days."-- Steve Anderson, FILM THREAT

"It's not a film of compromise but of sheer determination, refusingto be defined by its budget and liberated by a decision to overcomeits bank account with sheer imagination."-- S. James Snyder, NEW YORK SUN

"The beautiful indie sci-fi film AUTOMATONS is a troubling vision ofthings to come. Enough to make you think, worry and pray."-- Louis Fowler, ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRONICLE

"...the movie’s loving attention to light and shade transcends itshermetic setting and meager budget. At times the buzzing static andfizzy backlighting recall the glistening surrealism of the filmmakerGuy Maddin... enormously endearing"-- Jeannette Catsoulis, NEW YORK TIMES

"a chiaroscuro love child of Eraserhead and Team America: WorldPolice ... Automatons fuses surging political critiques to experimental sci-fi in a gritty, grainy 8mm black-and-white thatplants viewers squarely in its heroine's nightmare."-- S.T. VanAirsdale, THE REELER

"AUTOMATONS is a wonderfully made, socially conscious low budget film and I cannot recommend it enough."-- Brian Harris, JOE HORROR.COM

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