Monday, November 26, 2007

The Other Side of The Fence

(Courtesy of Cinematech)

You want to know how investors think when you go out and pitch them your projects? Do you want to know what (and who) they see as potential investments?

Then read this. (The problems with investing in content)

Then read this. (When content investment works)

This is going to be an important skillset for writers to master in the digital age - how to show people they can make money by backing your work. That means you not only have to show them your work, but also that you have an audience that is hungry for more of your material. You have to show them their money isn't going to be wasted, that you've thought about what can happen if it all goes to pot and what you're going to do to see that doesn't happen.

VC Mike is laying it out for you, so let's go back to school and learn from his tutelage.

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