Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Speaking of Comics...

In his latest column for Comic Book Resources, Augie De Blieck makes some interesting observations about the new Digital Comics Unlimited site's business model which could (and probably should) be applied to movies and television over the internet.

Two excerpts:

Comics distribution is the most important part of the industry. It's what drives the readership and the popularity of comics. The lack of comics on every pharmacy magazine rack and supermarket check-out line is what has pushed the industry into a corner of its own making. The reliance on the Direct Market -- often (but not always) run by fans without any sense of business -- has encouraged a monoculture of comics production.

Digital Distribution has the potential to solve all of those problems. The internet is a completely level playing field with near-ubiquitous availability. The computer screens we use today are so large and so detailed that reading comics off them can be a pleasurable experience, if not a perfect one. Broadband availability -- while not ubiquitous yet -- is widespread enough to create a much larger market than what the Direct Market can give us today.


Wherever it says "comics" substitute "film" or "television" and you get the picture...

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