Monday, December 03, 2007

Special Delivery




INTERSECT (INTernet Emergency Response and SECurity Taskforce)
FROM: Director, Field Office - Chicago
TO: Ops Director, Langley, VA
Re: Communication Intercept re: Bombing of Customs Shipper

Reviewing all data streams emanating from area of interest by person or persons unknown. Echelon cell phone intercept received scrambled portion of a cell phone call. Triangulation of signal has it going to a prepaid civilian cell phone; grid 200A of explosion site, placing it at optimal targeting range for the bombing.

Transcription of transmission below:

Caller: You are almost there.
Recipient: You know what you’re asking me to do?
Caller: I’m not asking.
Recipient: (garbled) …damn you…I can’t do this.
Caller: You know what will happen if you don’t.
[call scrambled]

End Transcript.

Note 1: FBI and Hazmat investigative units have concluded that explosive ordinance of a ‘Homegrown’ nature detonated at ground zero. Package was delivered as luggage to a Customs shipping office and evaded normal chemical sweeps for hazardous materials.

Note 2: TV cameras in area around blast site were disabled two minutes prior to delivery. Field ops Chicago investigating software glitch blamed for camera shutdown. Operating under assumption this is not coincidence.

Note 3: Second item uncovered at ground zero indicates a bio-chemical weapon designed to deliver anthrax infused cloud. Suspected target: passengers of United flight 743. Destination: Washington, DC. Heat and flame from weapon device #1 purged and destroyed second anthrax bio-weapon.


- Device #1 was designed to eliminate threat of anthrax device planted by person or persons unknown.

- Person or persons unknown are operating within US borders without official sanction. Purpose unknown. Advise.

- Person or persons unknown present possible threat as electronic scrambling of cell phone signals against INTERSECT tech and disabling of CCTV cameras indicates level five sophistication.

- Transcript analysis indicates coercion techniques employed. Indicates person or persons unknown has sufficient knowledge of standard Intelligence procedures and training.


Request sanction authorization. Advise.




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