Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big Post Tomorrow

I just got back from the Strike TV seminar over at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills.

I have notes, observations, rants and video. Including the ASK A NINJA guy (I suck at names). I have video to edit and upload and sharp-witted editorial to write (possibly a first for this blog).

I also have Fun Joel ... which isn't nearly as gay as it sounds.

(Gregg - this is the stuff that is preventing me from finishing up The Knightmare script. Honest.
Well that and the women...
And the scotch.
But no more than usual. Honest.)


Fun Joel said...

Got my post up, though I don't offer any "sharp-witted editorial" content!

Good to see you, brother.

DecoderRing said...

Where did I get this "cruel taskmaster" reputation?

Don't get me wrong, I like it, I'm just wondering if they also have it in black...

Cunningham said...

Well it's just that you're so quiet when I blow a soft deadline that I feel guilty (which I should).

Joel - it was good to see you too. I think I have the numbers figured out that we were going over.

We forgot to factor the IRS into the equation...