Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't Listen To Me...

Listen to the New York Times report on the profitability (read: power) of DVD Premiere movies.

"The number of direct-to-DVD films has grown 36 percent since 2005 with 675 released last year, according to Adams Media Research. The business totals about $1 billion in annual sales. (All DVD sales came to $15.7 billion last year.)

So many studios and top-level filmmakers are flirting with the direct-to-DVD business that it risks mirroring the troubled theatrical landscape, where movies that were once sure-fire moneymakers are having a harder time breaking through because of a glut of releases. The producer Joel Silver, known for the “Matrix” trilogy, recently signed a deal to produce 10 direct-to-DVD titles. Ashley Tisdale, a teenage actress known for her roles in Disney’s “High School Musical” blockbusters, just completed a DVD movie called “Picture This.”

“Real stars and real filmmakers have started giving DVD exclusives a shot,” said Scott Hettrick, former editor of the trade publication Video Business, “but with more product hitting store shelves I think we’re going to see less consistency in sales.”

Factor in the effect of more and more media moving around and you have a good idea of where the industry is going. Especially as now various organizations are seeing the potential in the web.

More movies and TV debuting in a variety of formats - DVD, internet, cable and theatrical.

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Kelly J. Compeau said...

Back in the '80s and 90s there was a realy stigma attached to direct-to-video and direct-to-DVD movies. But that mindset (cheap to produce, weak scripts/stories, low-grade talent desperate for work) has changed significantly over the past few years. Store bought DVDs and downloads offer so much more to the audience, now. The variety, the's *almost* on par with big budget theatrical offerings.