Friday, January 11, 2008

Here's to Hollywood 2.0

Now I don't necessarily agree with the name because I think the internet itself would do better by staying away from the Hollywood business-as-usual (rape, pillage, plunder, deny, obfuscate, lie, masturbate and dodge) model. As Kay Reindl wrote in her reply to me here, "the internet isn't Tee Vee." However I do like the idea of marrying silicon valley with entertainment production.

Here's Aaron Mendelsohn from the Strike TV seminar on how he's doing his bit to make that happen with Virtual Artists.

I'm still a bit leery of the whole attitude that: "Hey we can do something really cheap on the web, get noticed by the studios, then back the truck up to the bank with all the Hollywood dollars we'll get. " I personally think that approach is going to end more careers than start them.
That said, I like that Aaron and his partner, VC / internet guru Henry Poole are aiming to legitimize the business model for the web to the point where traditional television broadcast isn't needed or desired. There are talented people everywhere who deserve representation and funding, and I'm glad someone is looking for that talent.

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