Monday, January 21, 2008

Heroic Derring-Do ...

Tonight on Geekerati. If you like these guys pictured, then you'll want to tune in and listen to us discuss Old Time Radio and the goings-on over at Decoder Ring Theatre (Featuring the exploits of The Red Panda (pictured) and Black Jack Justice). My friend Gregg Taylor and I will also spill some behind-the-scenes secrets about our upcoming radio mystery-drama, The Knightmare.
So join Christian, Shawna, Eric, Gregg and myself for some pulpy OTR fun.

Edit to add: We had a great time last night. Gregg was a remarkable, very eloquent guest who is obviously very familiar with speaking to groups. Take a listen from the player in my sidebar and you'll hear my amateurish reading of the first page from The Knightmare radio mystery. One interesting sidenote is the fact that Gregg edits his shows on freeware that he found online. 4GM in effect - yo!

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