Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It’s a Brand New Day…

And a brand new year to boot, hence the name change to the blog. We are now Pulp 2.0 instead of DISContent. I am sure this means I will lose some of you in the transition, and if that’s the case I understand. I’m not necessarily your cup o’ tea anymore (actually I’m more of a sippin’ whiskey, but we’ll leave that metaphor for another time). I am shifting the focus of the blog to better reflect my career direction. For better or worse, that means that I’ll be focusing on:

- Pulp writing for movies and television.
- Pulp writing for the web (prose, comics and interactive) and into print.
- Pulp filmmaking.
- Pulp people and what they are doing that affects your entertainment choices.
- Pulp writing for podcast.
- What all that means.

As far as the Pulp 2.0 moniker, that simply reflects the philosophy of a growing segment of media-makers who are writing, producing, publishing and/or distributing it all themselves. DiY People who are quickly putting up pure entertainment for the online masses to appreciate or ridicule. No waiting. No middleman. No, “You can’t do that.”

And that’s exciting.

To be quite frank I haven’t been that excited by what I’ve seen from conventional media for quite some time. With the strike on, television is boring and flat. Movies are too expensive and most don’t have the spectacle to justify the expense. The internet however is prose, video, audio, art and discussion all rolled into one big fat, cheap pipeline that I can control. If the feedback I’m getting is any indication, many people are joining this digital evolution -- people excited by entertainment that flows directly from the creator to the audience and back. People who want to be entertained by a “full whack of story,” and then be able to discuss said “whack.”

(And just so we are clear, I get just as many inquiries from “pro folk” about pulp and 4GM as I do amateurs. This isn‘t just about low budget or guerilla filmmakers or unpublished writers - people to trying to break in. This is about creative people who want to get their work out in front of an audience. Creators who are tired of being developed to death. People who want to create a library of material that they own and somehow defines them.)

I’m still working on my new sidebar links - adding, subtracting, shifting and enhancing the whole affair to make my blog a resource “headquarters” of sorts. You want to know where to go for free online fiction? There’ll be a link. Podcasts? The best short films? Pulpy webcomics? Best pulp in print? Resources to create your own pulp films, podcasts and prose? It will be here -- eventually.

I’ll also be using the blog to promote what I’m doing and make sure the audience knows where they can find my media - prose, films, radio plays, serials and comics. I have a wide variety of interests and material that fits within the “pulp” domain [and we’ll have to discuss this later, but pulp is not a genre].

Pure entertainment. Digital delivery. No waiting.

That’s Pulp 2.0... and it’s the future.


Edit to add: Blame Emily Blake....


DecoderRing said...

Hazzah! A bold choice for a new year. Here's to tilting at digital windmills with a pair of blazing .45's a jet-pack!

DecoderRing said...

...er... "and a jet pack". "and"

Here's to proofreading.

Proofreading am goood

Cunningham said...

Apparently there are no editors in the future....at least no editors with blazing .45's and jetpacks.

EditorJDC said...

gratz on the shift of site Bill and happy new year!


Roger Alford said...

Happy New Year, Bill! Looking forward to the changes!

Fun Joel said...

Merry New Year, and congrats/best of luck with the new moniker! Here's to hoping it bode well for you and a Great '08!

Emily Blake said...

That's so optimistic. I kind of feel like I did after Bill Pullman's Independence Day speech. Cure the inspirational soundtrack!

Grubber said...

Here's to pulpy goodness.

I am not necessarily a fan of all pulp, but I am definitely a fan of the methods, techniques, lessons to be learnt, etc from that style. It all goes into that melting pot called experience...

Best of luck Bill and I'll always keep stopping by!