Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Revenant Strikes!

Coming soon (today?) from Image Comics' Shadowline imprint/label comes a pulpy tale from writer Rob Worley:


I've got a new comics project in stores soon that I wanted to let you know about! It's called The Revenant (JAN08 2052) and its a supernatural tale of crime and severe, brutal punishment as a gunslinging ghost visits unholy revenge on the gangsters that wronged him.

I wrote the book from a story and concept by none other than Keith Giffen and Shannon Eric Denton (the guys who brought you "10" and "Zapt!"). Mateus Santolouco ("2 Guns") provides the artwork and the stunning covers! It's published by Image under Jim Valentino's Shadowline imprint. It's been savage, fun to work on and I hope you'll dig it too! Go to for more info and previews and all the latest news.
Here's a five page preview!


c2frobbo said...

Hey Bill! Thanks for posting this. The comic actually comes out in March, but anyone who wants a copy should ask their comic retailer about it now, while the current Diamond distribution catalog is in play.

m said...

My interview with Worley and Denton.