Thursday, January 10, 2008

StrikeTV - The Ninja Edition

One of the things that plagues writers and media makers - especially when we are embarking into new territory - is the doubt. You know it:

Can I write this?
Is this really possible?
Am I wasting my time and should I get a real job like my Mom says?

Well, in answer to that question - not only to nonunion writers, but to our union brethren who are only now understanding that they can actual become the CEO’s of their own destiny - I present you with the following video from the first StrikeTV seminar held yesterday at the WGA Theater:

For those of you skipping the video for the moment, this gentleman is Kent Nichols, one of the co-founders of the wildly successful website and video series. I say this, not as a slap to Mr. Nichols personally or anything, but if he can do this, then there’s hope out there for the rest of us.

Fun Joel goes over the numbers and revenue that Ask A Ninja generates for Nichols and his partner.

So yes, you can write this.
Yes, it is really possible.
You may or may not be wasting your time. If you believe your Mom, then yes - you are wasting your time. If you fight her tooth and nail and keep working on what you want to do then maybe not.

You see, the gatekeepers are gone. Throats were slit wide open by technology. The gates have been flung wide and everyone is free to pursue their definition of entertainment. This has its own set of horrors and honors to go with it.

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