Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Linkology

Because I am super-busy right now bloodying my fingertips (Shadow-philes will understand the reference) over this Knightmare script (I think I am over-thinking it... or maybe not... oh shit), I wanted to direct everyone over to a couple of things that caught the eyeballs this weekend:

Jim Henshaw rawks here and here.

Coming Attractions posts cool artwork from the old pulp days enticing me to spend more and more money. I am now convinced I need Black Bat and Phantom Detective pulp reprints for my collection. Aaargh.

Read Christa Faust's Money Shot this weekend. Go. Buy. Now.

Groovy Age continues mining the vein of Horror in paperbacks, fumetti, and groschenromaine.

Shawna sent me a link to this guy, who is making the web work. Read. Learn. Live.

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