Friday, March 07, 2008

A Clear and Simple Message...

To all of the politicians in Canada who ever even entertained the notion of listening to the good Rev. Charles McVety and passing Bill C-10:

Take this message from an America that is twisting and turning because we didn't stand up and say, "No, thanks. That's against the constitution, and besides that -- it's just not right."

If you give in once, dismiss the McVety's of the world as harmless, then they're just going to keep coming back with more demands and threats. Their kind doesn't like the fact they can't control everything around them or that their way isn't the only way to live life. It makes them feel powerless, and frankly no one likes feeling that way.

So please, for the sake of your country, your pride and for the good of all your citizens - show them the door. Let them find their own way -- but leave the rest of you alone. Their truth isn't the truth.

And if that doesn't work then tell them that God is A Fat, Black Dyke.

Your pal,


Ps. To all of you who are writing letters, posting news, writing columns and making phone calls to oppose Bill C10, I just want to say that you fight the good fight. Hold your head high. You fight not just for yourselves, but for all of us, and we appreciate your effort on our behalf.


jimhenshaw said...


Thanks for the link and the sentiments, Bill. You append me to some pretty heady company.

But if there's a better example of what we're up against and how this all works, I haven't seen it.

Thank you.

Cunningham said...

No, sir.

Thank you.

pretty shaved ape said...

hey bill thanks for giving this your attention. i've traded links with jim and his post is truly top notch. i've spent quite a bit of time writing to members of the canadian senate and have been assured by the leader of the opposition that they will be seeking to amend this bill before passing it. they have heard from the people and they are responding. so thanks to both you and jim. cheers.

Cunningham said...

And lest we forget (we won't, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to use the word "lest") We all owe much love to Denis McGrath who has been a dedicated General who hasn't been in the rear area, but on the front lines of the battle field.

He has been a point person for much of the solid, reasoned talking points and just all-around goodness that action like this requires.