Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No More Thinking...

I have a plan. Oh yes, I have a plan.

You will be part of it.


[Cue ominous music]


Rogers said...

crap, you're going to beat me to it, aren't you.


Cunningham said...

[Out of breath]

Trying...still lots of pesky technical stuff to deal with...and the day job. it's just that today, in the middle of morning coffee, I had one of those "OMG! Yes, that's exactly how it could work!!! Oh hell, it could work." moments.

But don't worry, I'll be sharing plenty of toys in the sandbox... which will eventually become a playground as we add "equipment" every year.

And think of it this way: You get to learn from my mistakes.

Shawna said...

Let me play too!!

Cunningham said...

Shawna -

How many times have I told you this isn't the "He-Man Woman-Haters Club?"

You're in... bring your girlfriends, and get ready to dance.

Grubber said...

I've got the bolt cutters, oxy torch and sandwiches all ready to go.