Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Podcasting Goodness for Pulp Filmmakers

Scott Kirsner links to a host of podcasts from SXSW that are informative, insightful and all on the internet.

We are rapidly approaching or have already touched down on "open source" film making. Literally you'll be able to make a film anywhere, post it online with free software and storage and display it online to recoup your costs. If you open that up you can have teams of editors, sound designers and digital VFX artists working on your film --- from anywhere in the world.

As we discover that most of our work is going to be shown in 5 minute segments (or less) and laced together in a serial or pseudo-television format, then structure, character, and design will have to change accordingly. Let's add the whole social networking component to the storytelling and we have a beast that must be tamed or it will never be able to pull the internet entertainment cart where we want it to go.

Guys, we're going to need more podcasts and vidcasts like the above. Lack of information is our single greatest enemy so get online and share your experience.

Make it so.

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Jason Sanders said...

Every so often, when I see or hear something like this, I realize that I'm living in the future. How cool is that?

As much as I miss my jetpack, that I've wanted since the Rocketeer, this sort of thing tides me over.