Monday, April 28, 2008

The Mad Pulp Bastard Strikes Again!

An adventure where our hero finds several persons discussing his story "Cadavres Exquis" from TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN Vol: 1 on the internet under the topic:

"So....what fictional character has the biggest evil act-not based on magnitude, but on the sheer vileness of the act."

And from fellow SHADOWMEN writer Matthew Baugh comes this micro-review:

"Cadavres Exquis" by Bill Cunningham is a severe and painful makeover for the obscure French proto-superhero, Fascinax. It made me think a little of DARK NIGHT RETURNS, but it is even more intense in the way that it re-imagines the character.

(All this will become clearer to readers of this blog. Please stand by. Mad Pulp Bastardry in progress. Hahahahahahahahahaha....)

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