Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Morning...Time to Pulp!

Writing all weekend with a sore back so I'm on prescription pain killers and Icy Hot fumes.

Before I go back to the script, I wanted to shine the spotlight on two pulpsters of the new age, who are using their creativity and the tools of the web to entertain their audience.

1. First off is Chad with his exploitation fest EASTER BUNNY, KILL KILL :

So here's the scoop: Trent and I have been having a heck of a time
releasing EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! (despite its winning the "MostDisturbing Film" award at Philly's Backseat Film Festival a few weeks ago!). I think that a lot of low-budget filmmakers are having problems
finding distribution and I think that a lot of indie DVD distributors are
going to go down in the next few years ...
... So Trent and I have decided to take matters into our own hands. EASTER
BUNNY, KILL! KILL! is available for download right now. That's right. You
can download a DVD-quality version of the film online now for only $3.99!
For less than the price of a fancy Starbucks coffee, you can now own your
very own copy of EBKK.
See, this is how it used to work: You make an independent film using your
own money, blood, sweat, and tears. Then you spend more money and time
sending it out to distributors. You get an "advance" on the film - a check
for some money based on potential sales - from the distributor. After
waiting 6 months to a year, the film "comes out" and you can't really find
it anywhere. And then the distributors start sending you financial reports
that say that they haven't made any money on your film and never will, so
you're never going to get your cut of the sales (basically, the advance
check is the only money you'll ever see). And you've got to do this with
every country in the world that buys the film. It's a headache and really
puts the power into the hands of the distributor, who owns the rights to
your film until the end of your contract. Not only that, but distributors
are feeling the crunch financially these days and are either offering no
advances or really, really tiny ones.
After the nightmares we had with the last distributor, Trent and I have
decided to take the reins into our own hands. We're participating in a
distribution experiment with a new company to see if we can't take the
power back from the distributors, make our film available worldwide, and
actually make a little money (or at least our budget back) while retaining
controlling rights to our film. Thus: online distribution.
We would have loved to have out the movie up for a dollar, but there is
cost in storing the movie and technical support and payment processing,
etc. But the idea here is that we get paid some money every time someone
downloads the film. We don't have to wait until 3000 units have been sold
to "break even" like in the old days and we also don't have to deal with
international sales companies ... let's say you're my good friend Tobias
Suhm from Germany (and maybe you are - Hey, Tobias!) and you want to see
the film. You can do it now ... and since the dollar is so weak, it's
costing you nothing!
The real long-term goal of throwing our movie up for as cheap as possible
is to prove that internet distribution is a viable way to get your movie
out there and not get absolutely screwed in the process. We're hoping to
become the opening salvo for a new distribution model.
Not only that, but I really feel that EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! is a great
film that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Go to to download the film and you can easily use a
credit card or PayPal account to buy it for $3.99 - less than the price of
a video rental.
2. Next, is Michael Mouyal who says his movie, A VIKING SAGA has been accepted to the FIRST TAKE FILM FESTIVAL starting April 13th. Below is the trailer:

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