Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not That Far Off...

There have been a few rumblings in the blogosphere regarding the wardrobe change for THE SPIRIT. In the original comics he wore a blue suit and hat. In the movie he's wearing black.
But thankfully the producers, the director (Comics' Frank Miller - SIN CITY, 300), and the studio's marketing department have embraced the original Eisner vision of his titular character. Typography and art were always intertwined in Eisner's art for The Spirit and it's good to see that design foundation expressed in a new way for a younger audience.
(Which is really no surprise since SIN CITY is the grandson of The Spirit's "city" in terms of design. Miller's run on DAREDEVIL was also an homage to Eisner)


Earl Newton said...

The scuttlebutt on the Net is a mixed response, with some intrigued and some less so.

I haven't had a chance to read The Spirit yet, so I can't personally comment, but some folks have expressed disgust that he's adapting the work into the look of Sin City, rather than keeping to Eisner's original vision.

A bit ironic there, considering that Robert Rodriguez launched Miller's film career, and Rodriguez was flat-out determined to protect Miller's original vision.

The real question is: will this world translate into box office the way Sin City did? Recent Batman aside, noir superheroes have played spotty at the box office.

Roger Alford said...

Recent Batman aside, noir superheroes have played spotty at the box office.

I think that's because most of those movies have been rather disappointing and didn't take the characters seriously. I wanted to love The Shadow and the previous run of Batman movies, but they showed little or no respect for the characters. The thing I really loved about Batman Begins is that it was the Batman movie I'd wanted to see since 1978.