Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's The Spirit!


Jason Sanders said...

Looks like Miller caught the green screen bug from Rodriguez. Can't wait for this movie!

Do you think that the Spirit's well known enough to the general public that it'll "sell" itself? Or will they be starting from scratch in terms of marketing the property?

Cunningham said... I don't think the Spirit is a character that "hits" outside the comic-reading enthusiasts.

I do think they will "Sin City" the movie a bit and educate the audience in that way - "if you liked Sin City, you'll like this one too."

I am sure this will have a heavy presence at San Diego this year.

As far as the green screen bug goes, I am all for it as it mimics a lot of the conventions of a comic and allows for a lot of style without a lot of construction. I wonder what THE SHADOW movie could have looked like with this sort of production philosophy at the helm.

I am going to do a similar "lower-budget" idea for some art I want to generate so I'll let you know....

BaiyuDan said...

I'm certain I'll be labeled badly for saying this, but I'm sort of disappointed that the Spirit isn't wearing his usual blue suit and fedora.

I'm pretty sure most of the general public will watch this simply because "that guy what drew 300" is producing this. It sort of gives me hope for the Question getting his own movie, though.