Sunday, May 04, 2008

An Ironclad Weekend

I'm going to see IRON MAN in about an hour or so, but already it's been an IRON MAN-filled weekend. I went to Meltdown yesterday for Free Comic Book Day and had a great time, picking through the new, free stuff and going through the bargain boxes for gems that I had previously missed. Picked up a run of RUSE - a Holmesian pastiche from Crossgen- and jumped for joy.

One great thing is that they had a ton of Iron Man movie promotion material and I picked up several of the Activity books and Jr. Novels for the kids here in the neighborhood who need the help reading english. They already know me as that guy with the cool posters and books in his house (they see it every Halloween when I open the door), so I think I've cemented my geek cred with the locals.

It's really cool to put a book in a kid's hands. Try it.


Good Dog said...

Hope you enjoy it.

That's a great thing to do, picking up the books for the kids.

And the "Ironmaneer" image is ace!

Kevin said...

I took my two sons to Rocketship and let them loose on the selection of free comics.

They liked what they saw so much that I ended up buying full runs of Tiny Titans and DC Super Friends.

All of this is god, considering the youngest is just learning how to read.

Cunningham said...

My Mom used to say she was worried that all I read were comics when I was young...

Then she saw that after I had read all the comics, I started to pull the books down from the shelf and read those too.

I think that there needs to be more all-ages comics (a new Jonny Quest? Space Ghost? Thundarr?) and ways of getting those comics into the hands of kids early. Especially kids like those in my neighborhood whose parents are newly emigrated Latins or eastern Europeans and don't speak or read English that well. Reading to their kids would be great for all concerned.

Do the kids of your neighborhood a favor next Halloween and hand out comics (or YA paperbacks) you get from the quarter bin at your LCS or a garage sale. Tiny Titans, Super Friends, Batman Adventures, JLU, Spidey Adventures, are all good choices that I can think of off the top of my head. I am certain there are more.