Friday, June 06, 2008

Chalk Up The Win For Pulp 2.0

No - I'm not talking about this blog, I'm talking about the whole movement of creating the media and using the internet to directly connect that media to your audience...

Just like Earl Newton did.

I'm sure there are a couple of you out there who are asking, "Who's Earl Newton?" That would be a fair question as Earl and his crew down in Florida have quietly been doing instead of talking. Earl is the Executive Producer for the internet scifi anthology series Stranger Things.

He and I have chatted a few times when he's asked me for feedback on an episode he's done and posted up on Youtube or Itunes. I've been happy to give him advice - not only because that's part of what I do here - but because I could see he was passionate about what he and his crew were doing, and no matter what I told him it wasn't going to dissuade him from making his television program.

And kids, it's paid off:

Hats off to Earl and the gang. You can read details of the announcement here.

But, just in case anyone hasn't been listening:

You can make television outside Hollywood.
You can make it from your desktop.
You can make it for less.
You can make it yours.

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