Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yes - I am going to the San Diego Comic Con. The Con confirmed me this morning.

No- I don't know how I'm going to pay for it all and where exactly I'm going to sleep. (each year it gets more and more expensive, harder to get in and harder to get a room. It be the full wheel of crazy cheese).

I may have a few things up on the auction block to finance the trip - more later as I poke through the Mad Pulp Archives... hmmmm.....Stand by for bargains!

What I do know is that 3/4 of the Geekerati crew will be down there and we will be the multi-new-media crew of tomorrow:

1. We will be podcasting.
2. I will be videotaping short interviews and cameos and uploading them to YouTube .
Christian will be embedding them on the Geekerati blog.
3. Shawna will be Twittering up a storm. Her "SisterCritic" Julie will be with her.
4. Eric -- well let me say that I have plans for Eric....

What I need to know from you all is:

Who do you want to hear and see from in Comics, TV, Gaming,
Movies, Pulp and New Media?

(And don't be afraid to shout out names like Joss Whedon, Kate Beckinsale, et al because seriously -- I wouldn't mind some face time with either one)

(and yes, plans are afoot to get as many of the costumed ones on video as possible. It would not be Nerd Prom without them, now would it?)


marc bernardin said...

there will be beer.

Cunningham said...

at the very least....

Rashad Ferguson said...

Sifu Pulpster,

Any information that you can ascertain from Zombie Kingpin Max Brooks and of course the great J. Michael Straczynski...

Thanks Bill