Monday, June 30, 2008

Gatekeepers Meet Prybar...

We discussed this over at KF Monkey, but let's just be clear:

1) Joss Whedon is releasing Dr. Horrible...

2) and now Seth MacFarlane is launching a Cavalcade with Google.

Which indicates that creators are going outside of the paradigm in order to create programs. These guys are known brands who are using that leverage to diversify their particular skillset across several platforms. Both guys are working for "the man," but they are also doing creator-owned work (sounds a lot like comics doesn't it?)

The floodgates are opening - a trickle now, but as more people join in - a flood will ensue.


Aric Blue said...

I don't wanna be the voice of dissension here, but doesn't it seem like 99% of the people opening these floodgates and having success are the people who ALREADY HAVE IT?

Am I wrong? :)

Cunningham said...

You're not wrong except for the fact that folks like:

Kent Nichols/AskaNinja

and others paved the way and showed these established creators that they didn't have to JUST work in tv...

That is significant in that it attracts investment. That investment and the resulting publicity opens up more investment. That trickles down.

Gates meet prybar...

We want more and more well-known creators doing it on their own on the web. It benefits everyone. It helps establish the business model and it more importantly establishes creator ownership.

Remember when the Image comics guys left to form Image? It opened more room in the comic book direct market. Same principle applies here.