Monday, June 23, 2008

My Monday Morning Chuckle...

So I am reviewing this week's Video Business Digital magazine and I come across an advertisement for this new DVD Premiere movie from Lionsgate.

It looks kind of cool and has somewhat of a pedigree in that the film was in the Hollywood Film Festival, Fantasporto, Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film and was a Platinum Award winner at Worldfest Houston (whatever all that means).

But what really caught my eye was in the listing of the DVD's extras:

100K12D: The Guerilla Filmmaking of Artifacts.

This is the production model that I and many others have used before , ($100K for a 12 day shoot) but I have never used it as a selling point in an advertisement. The thing is that $100K is becoming the new $1M movie - that is, you can now produce something for $100K that used to cost you $1M to do.

I am definitely going to have to sit down and write that pulp film-making book.



Angela N. Hunt said...

If you wrote that pulp filmmaking book, I would buy a stack of 'em. One for me and the rest to hand out like candy.

Cunningham said...

Are you the one lone "yes" in the blogosphere?

Who would I interview for material?

Pipe up, peanut gallery!

Aric Blue said...

Yeah, I'm in for buying the book, and I could contribute some stuff, believe me.

I'm more interested in how you can make $200K from your $100K movie...'cause for all the talk of the new dist options, making that kind of dough is still tough.