Saturday, July 26, 2008

For the Uninitiated...

My name is Bill Cunningham and I am a pulp (screen) writer, producer and marketer.

I have written a couple of D2DVD movies you may have seen at your local Blockbuster.

I've also produced a few of them (and have the scars to prove it) .

I have written several well-received short stories that have been published in the TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN series of books from Black Coat Press.

I have written NewPulp for an online magazine called ASTONISHING ADVENTURES.

And I've marketed over 60-something DVD titles for a variety of clients. Some of the titles you can see here.

I am currently writing a radio play for Toronto's DECODER RING THEATER based on an original pulp/serial creation.

I like developing pulp material for the web - stories, art, animations, shorts, radio dramas, etc... that will further cement my reputation as "the mad pulp bastard." The web is what I like to call "Pulp 2.0" - a way to get entertainment out quickly and inexpensively to the masses who then interact with it and develop new entertainments.

It is a future that is happening as I type this... welcome.

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Unknown said...

And Bill is very modest!