Monday, July 21, 2008


Plans have been hatched.
Resources and supply lines have been moved into place.
Now is the time to unleash hell.

The Geekerati crew - Shawna, Sister Julie, Eric and myself will be at Comic Con starting Thursday morning bright and early (You hear that Shawna and Julie? Bright and early). Christian will be manning the Geekerati HQ here in Los Angeles as we feed him and you with all sorts of cool geek details - interviews, profiles, messages, video (canned and live stream). How are we going to do that?

That my friends is where the wonderful world-wide-web comes in, bringing you closer to your fellow geeks:

Got to and sign up to follow the feed. We will be giving you minute by minute updates from all sorts of panels. Want to know what's up with Whedon's DOLLHOUSE and DR. HORRIBLE ? Want to know about the Tori Amos comic ? How about Mistress Malice - the After Dark Horrorfest Scream Queen? And let's not forget THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, UNDERWORLD 3, SPORE, DEAD SPACE, and many other must see events.

Want to talk to comic / Hollywood creators at the Boom Studios party ?

It will be like YOU ARE THERE (too old a reference for you kids? Gawd, I'm a geezer).

Video will be posted at the Geekerati Blog and hosted by YouTube so if you search all you will have to type in is: GEEKERATI SDCC 2008.

We will be testing the live stream tonight/tomorrow and we'll let you know when it will be on.

Regular podcasts will be at the end of the day -- every day -- except Saturday night, where we will delay the podcast until Sunday morning breakfast.

(Breakfast with the Bastard....hmmm... Regis better watch out)

Tonight's show will be with creator/developer Rob Worley as we appropriately enough discuss the recent flood of comicbook movies and how things have changed since Rob started the site 10 yrs. ago. We will also discuss Rob's pulp comic THE REVENANT , coming out as a graphic novel at Comic Con.

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