Thursday, August 28, 2008

Digital Novels - Pulp for the New Media

Anthony Zuiker - the creator of the CSI franchise - has signed a deal with Dutton to produce "digital novels"...

From the Variety article:

"Project is a publishing hybrid that broadens traditional book reading into a multiplatform experience that includes filmed components and an interactive social networking site.

At the conclusion of each five chapters, readers will be given codes to log onto a website that will feature two-minute filmed vignettes providing a cinematic bridge to the next five chapters. At the book’s conclusion, readers can join an online community in which they can interact with others and hatch characters and storylines. The best suggestions will be incorporated into future titles, Zuiker said.

"I want to give traditional crime novel readers a more immersive experience," Zuiker told Daily Variety. The online component "offers publishing a chance to catch up with the YouTube generation that has lost passion for reading."

Hmmmm...sounds familiar

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