Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Catch Up (or is that Ketchup?)

Liz Fies dropped by yesterday to screen her new movie THE COMMUNE for my notes...hopefully they were of some help in her "focusing" her film in its final stages of post-production.

She was very kind to drop off some lovely "thank you" gifts as well, and I will be reading them over the weekend. Thanks, Liz!

I will be reviewing a D2DVD movie that premiered at Comic Con - JACK BROOKS, MONSTER SLAYER... The review will be posted here and cross-posted to the Geekerati blog, and discussed on Monday night's show. The movie stars ROBERT ENGLUND who's always a hoot.

I also have to post my Malice interview (with video)...

Some of the images you saw here, will soon be framed and in my office. Yay!

The Knightmare Radio play is in the hands of Gregg Taylor at Decoder Ring where he will no doubt rip it up like weasels on a newborn.

And now back to work because I have several stories to write, a client whose campaigns are in infancy and need nurturing, and several designers to beat about the head and shoulders to bring out the pulp in their work...

And then there's the phone calls.

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much again, Bill! You're amazing!

By the way, love your comment disclaimer. I need something like that.