Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

And here I am laboring...

Actually having a lot of fun playing with the tools Blogger has to change things around. It used to be you had to jump under the hood of the HTML template (and I still will), but the new "variables" function makes the blog easier to customize.

Get used to color shifts, header pic changes and so forth as I play some more - with color images, text - trying to communicate the persona and story of this blog.

(Ahem, primarily because no one stepped up to my earlier challenge to design a 730 x 100 header me, guys - it's fun finding images and reworking them via Webresizer)

I've also been spending time this weekend getting caught up with my writing deadlines - two short stories, a script, and several comics pitches. I wrote an 8-page comic script that I already am ripping apart and re-conceiving (sometimes you just have to get the crap out of your system in order to see what you really want to accomplish with the project)... and there's plenty of business writing to accomplish.

I also have some reviews to post - one on the Alan Moore Documentary and another on the live action movie DEATH NOTE II based on the Japanese manga.

If you are planning on attending the AFM then let me know. I'll be there the last half of the show checking in on some of my clients and building relationships.

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