Thursday, September 11, 2008

Horror Online...

Scott Sigler over at the AMCTV Monsterfest Blog talks about the state of online horror:

"The Internet. The great equalizer for movie producers, or so we've been told. But if anyone can go out there and shoot a movie, throw it on YouTube and get instant, free, global distribution, why aren't we seeing more Eli Roths popping up out of the interwoodwork? The fact is, lowering the production and distribution bar allows an enormous amount of substandard content to be posted online. That said, there are also some cool success stories brewing online. "

Scott goes on to list horror content you should be checking out. He also mentions friend-of-the-blog, Earl Newton whose Stranger Things can be seen from my sidebar.

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Roger Alford said...

Working on it, Dude. Working on it.